Markdown Renderer

By Brandon James on 2020-06-20

Core renders markdown through pandoc with the --from=markdown-implicit_figures1 argument. Pandoc renders markdown in a pretty standard way. In general core just lets pandoc handle the conversion, but there are a couple of things that you should be aware of.

  1. Images - Any embedded images without a / in the path (ie are in the same folder as the markdown file) are updated to reflect the path that they'll reside in on the webserver.
  2. Metadata - Certain meta tags are required for a post to be rendered. They are: title, publication_date, and author. tags and summary are optional meta tags.
    • Leaving out any of the required tags will cause you file not to be rendered. This effectively prevents it from being published. I usually leave publication_date blank until I'm ready to publish.
    • If tags isn't specified, the tag unfiled is added.
    • If a summary isn't provided, one is generated using the first paragraph. This summary is used both on your homepage and in search engine results.
    • As an example, the following is the metadata block for this post.
title: Markdown Renderer
publication_date: 2020-06-20
- core
- usage
- instructions
author: Brandon James

  1. This setting is configurable